Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium Tickets

Program: Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium Tickets (NHDDD1)

Special Price : 450 THB/Adult and 350 THB/Child (Under 135 c.m. high)

(Normal Price: 650 THB)

Include : Tickets for Entrance fee Chiang Mai Zoo, Zoo Aquarium, Animal Shows and Transfer (Inside)

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450 ฿

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium.
ดำดิ่งสู่โลกใต้น้ำ Dive into the underwater world. สัมผัสความมหัศจรรย์ลึกล้ำเหนือจินตนาการ กิจกรรมดีๆ Deeply touched by the magic of fantasy activities. ที่พร้อมมอบให้คุณ Ready for you.
กิจกรรมดำผิวน้ำดูปลา Scuba surface fish.
Experience a new adventure is about to begin to explore the wonders of scuba trips to the world's longest underwater tunnel in the activity. (Snorkeling Explorer) Snorkeling Fish Snorkeling (Snorkeling Explorer) do not have to travel far to the sea, you can indulge in activities plunge into the underwater world in which you will experience Snorkeling little fish - the tens of thousands of samples close. Water tunnel and water tunnel pan t, FL.
กิจกรรมสำรวจโลกใต้น้ำ To explore the underwater world.
Dive into the underwater world. Experience deep. Land underwater world Mai Zoo Aquarium Activity recording impresses. The amazing underwater creatures. Enjoy the magic of nature to create a perfect life. And the giant shark or closely associated with the camera to Amazon and the giant snakehead giant Mekong giant catfish. Once in a lifetime. Triple black with Global Underwater Explorers. Experience unforgettable experience the wonders of the underwater world, every day at Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium.
กิ จกรรมให้อาหารกระเบนจมูกวัว Skill activities stingray feeding nozzle.
Stingray Stingray nozzle rare exhibits at Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium of the same in India. And to feed the rays to the third round and experience the love of rays touch nozzle.
บริการสตูดิโอถ่ายภาพ Studio photography services.

“Underwater Studio” "Underwater Studio" offers studio photography, underwater simulation environment. Virtual navigation in the underwater world. You can also choose to use the "3 D Theatre" latest technology in photography to keep as a souvenir. Or memoirs impressive.
Animals & Exhibit Animals & Exhibit.
Zone 1 สำรวจลุ่มน้ำในป่าลึก Zone 1 over river in deep forest.
ภูเขาในป่าลึก Mountain in the jungle.
Learn the origin and ecology of the watershed. The importance of forest streams. Conservation of the water upstream. And fish from the upstream source. Beauty queen crab. Queen crab and freshwater shrimp march to Beijing cascade upstream to spawn in the flood season.
พื้นที่ราบลุ่มแม่น้ำ Rivers wetlands.
The journey of a river from beginning to end. Cause abundance. Aqua culture and ecology of the river and fish and rare lowland rivers of blood vessels that nourish the United States in the region, including the Chao Phraya River. Mekong and Salween rivers. The Eel roller lever The giant eel is a mysterious cycle of life, the beasts of the fish, the graceful river, fish bone Prarewg. Fish with a transparent body in the world and the beauty of the wood species of the forest, wetland exhibit.
ป่าชุมน้ำ Forested wetlands.
Center of culture and civilization. Reflects the civilization of the ancient tribes. And features over 20 species of freshwater fish species originating from the Amazon Basin, such as fish or fish Nirvana Aroma reduce red tail catfish spines Irwin. The rare animals from both domestic and foreign fish Hnwdprahmns. Extinctions to the current of water.
โฉมงามกับเหล่าอสูร Beauty and the Beast.
Natural and creative beauty in the shape of fish. To match the living environment is an active dog Seoul forums or water. Some people call it a fish with legs salamander living in Mendel's service life. Top Wonders of the body. Can regenerate at any time, fish Dablaw. Knife blade life. Rare and endangered species of fish from the Mekong River.
Zone 2 สัตว์ประหลาดนักล่า Zone 2 monster hunter.
A large cave is regarded as the largest indoor reptile exhibit in the country. Tarantula spider found mold. Red Eye Tree Frog Kata Cameron mimic the chameleon. Nor even frog, green frog, a rare ridge which can be found only in the northern and southern regions of Thailand. The species is found throughout the exhibit space preferences Doi Inthanon, Doi Suthep and nearby areas only.
Zone 3 สำรวจห้วงมหาสมุทร Zone 3 over oceans.
ความหลงใหลแห่งชายหาด The Passion of the beach.
Marvel at the mysterious charm of the Coast. Territory as a bridge between land and water, such as fish, milkfish girl. Ribbon eels, garden eels. Hawcwem a rare jellyfish. Hammerhead sharks, frogs and frog eggs, which is a perfectly natural child birth less than 100 sharks, frogs live in the sea at the top of this mountain.
สีสันแห่งท้องทะเล Colors of the sea.
Color and natural beauty make the perfect flower of the coral colony. “Finding Nemo” These little fish and butterfly fish species such as fish, marine products with celebrities from the animated film "Finding Nemo" at the children known as "Nemo fish".
บ่อสัมผัสและให้อาหาร Exposed to water and food.
Your experience with the zone where you can enjoy various sea creatures such as sea cucumbers have a snuggle and a zone that will make you feel excited with the nozzle feeding stingrays and tiger sharks are very docile and playful stars.
ชีวิตฉันเป็นความลับ I have a secret life.
The magic of these creatures large and small. Find the charm of mysterious aspects of aquatic life. That may not have met before. Exposed fish exhibited a rare breed. Variety of species such as oysters trunk origin of the submarine world porcupine porcupine dressed like a little dress or even a scorpion fish, frog fish life. Could invisible harmony with nature as well as the falcons a nickname. Great Fathers. Ability to learn and recognize them in this zone.
Zone 4 ความลึกลับใต้ลุ่มน้ำ The Mystery Zone 4 of Basin.
The 66.5 meter long water tunnel simulation of the life of the Mekong River Basin. And rare species of freshwater fish from around the world. Whether it's a giant Amazonian fish larger than 2.5 m Stingray XVI. Large freshwater. Willd fish from river fish Pangasius fish, taro and fish Kraohg "Mekong giant".
Zone 5 ความอัศจรรย์อันน่าพิศว Zone 5 is to examine the wonder.
ปลาอันตรายใต้ท้องทะเล Endangered fish underwater.
Excited to these toxic fish are dangerous. To keep you stunned with the enormity of them. Morey giant eel with sharp teeth. Giant puffer fish, time swelled to a very sharp thorns. Duktael and fish with a magnificent mustache.
โลกของแมงกะพรุน World of jellyfish.
Jellyfish take a variety of rare species. Inside the large panorama and display cabinets jellyfish in the water like no other. The circular jellyfish with a transparent body. Having sex with a half-moon is the source of the name. Jellyfish meniscus. Hawcwem jellyfish and seaweed body with similar colors. There are also many species that are on display.
Zone 6 โลกสีครามใต้ท้องทะเล Zone 6 blue world underwater.
Length 66.5 meters above sea tunnels tell the story of life under the sea. Amazingly. The living together of beautiful fish and predators like sharks, white tip sharks, gray sharks and lethargic, which is longer than 3 meters to the sea fish doctor. The Stingray birds. Davis was named to six marine species in the area and its Skate & Other simulations show that marine ecosystems. Ecosystems such as coral reefs. The seaweed ecology and deep ecology perfectly.
Opening : Monday - Friday 10:00A.M.-17:00P.M., Sat - Sun and public holidays 9.00A.M.-17.30P.M.