Oasis Sea World Ticket, Enjoy Our Thai Dolphins Show

Program: Oasis Sea World Ticket, Enjoy Our Thai Dolphins Show


Special Price : 2,000 THB/Adult

(Normal Price: 2,500 THB)

Include: Only Tickets for Shows and Swimming with dolphins


Admission only - Special Price

Adult - 250 THB / person. (Normal Price 300 THB)

Child with a height of 90-140 cm - 150 THB / person. (Normal Price 150 THB)

More details

2,000 ฿

PROGRAM SUMMARY: Oasis Sea World is the place for feeding and breeding 2 species of dolphins. Indo-pacific Humback dolphins or “pink dolphins” naturally change their body color from gray to pink while growing up. They are naughty, clever and friendly while Irrawaddy dolphins are naughty, clever and friendly while Irrawaddy dolphins are shy. Enjoy dolphin shows with various activities daily.

LOCATION: Chanthaburi, Thailand

INCLUDES: Only Tickets


Thai dolphin shows

Charming, funny, cute, and intelligent
All characters identify
Pink dolphins and Irrawaddy dolphins


Swimming with dolphins

Welcome all dolphins’ lovers
Have a fantastic moment to touch dolphins.
Fulfill your heart with warm feelings
Eyes and eyes, hands to fin.

Service daily at
9.45 a.m. 11.45 a.m.

1.45 p.m. 3.45 p.m.

(Only 15 people/round, booking only in advance)



1. Wear swimming suit or shorts with T-shirt without zip or any sharp or metal-made.

2. Do not bring any belongings into the water, Piercings Must Be Removed.

3. Nail trimming before getting into the water.

4. Take a shower and put on the life jacket before getting into the water. (no sun skin)

5. Prohibited the person with these diseases Asthma, Hearted-attack, Epilepsy, Tuberculosis, Cold, Leprosy, Convulsion, HIV, Conjunctivitis, Indigestion and any Contagious diseases.

6. Prohibited deformed persons, Pregnant women and persons with wound swim with the dolphins.

7. Prohibited the person who drink alcohol, drug and smoke before getting into the water.

8. Do not make noise and hurt the dolphins.

9. Do not jump into the water.

10. Do not touch the head and the blow-hole of the dolphins.

11. Follow the instructions of the trainers and do not diving.


These regulations are for the customer’s and dolphins’ safety.

Source: Oasis Sea World