Full Day - Bangkok Bicycle Tour

Program: Full Day - Bangkok Bicycle Tour


Special Price : 1,800 THB/Adult

(Normal Price: 1,950 THB)

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1,800 ฿

For this tour we require a bit of stamina, unlike our other tours. Speed is a bit higher. You can choose between mountain bikes, hybrid bikes (regular bicycles with mountain bike tires) regular bicycles different sizes. For small and extra large cyclists.

It's a great opportunity for those who consider a half day tour not enough. We use the train and the skytrain. Our bikes go with us on board. Also the well known longtail boats form part of our tour. That way we really can explore this vibrant city from one end to the other and back. The known Bangkok, and above all the unknown Bangkok.


We meet at the coffee shop of the Grand China Princess hotel in China Town. Coffee or tea up to your choice. Briefing


Select bicycles


Departure through a unique part of Chinatown (3 km).
We use a different routing than other programs.


First train ride (30 km).


10-20 km cycling: Unique, varied and relaxed. No tourist to be seen here.

Smaller and larger plots of tropical vegetation around you. Green, green, green!

You just don't believe it: everything is fresh! Yes, you are in Bangkok. Cycling along miles of paths along the beautiful klongs. Something called by Co 'the wide water landscape'.

Modern mansions next to traditional wooden houses on stilts. Rice paddies. Magnificent green vistas. Plantations. Fishing ponds. Somebody waiving a cheerful hello. Feel how welcome you are. A sense of the countryside - within the big city.


Sumptuous locale lunch. Take it easy and relax. We've got plenty of time. Walk around, there is much be seen here.


Again on the bike. For a visit of the amazing "Disco" temple. (5-8 km)


Long tailed boat through a unique klong, changing into a minor river and a market. (15 km)


Skytrain, What a contrast. Completely different from before. You float above urban Bangkok. (15 km)


Last leg of the tour is again totally different. We cycle through narrow alleys back to the Grand China Princess hotel.

Altogether we do about 100 km. The actual cycling is about 40 km. What you see will amaze you. Rural countryside, Urban Bangkok, Chinatown, Trains, Friendly people, Green is All in one city. Be truly amazed!

  • Departure: daily
  • Minimum: 2 persons


What includes all-in?

  • Coffee, tea or a soft drink during the briefing
  • Maximum group size 8 people
  • One guide up front, and one in the back
  • Long tailed boat, train, BTS
  • Ferry costs
  • Local lunch en route
  • Well maintained bicycles
  • Plenty of water and/or soft drinks en route
  • 30 years topographical research
  • 25% discount for children under twelve
  • Tips to guides are appreciated. "It's up to you"

  • Duration: full day
  • Minimum participants: 2 persons
  • Departure: 09.00 - Return: 18.00